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Inappropriate Behavior Posted on 4 May 2021

It has been reported that a number of patients have been kicking the front door, bashing the front window and also continuously holding their finger on the buzzer until a receptionist comes to the window. This behaviour is completely unacceptable and it will result in a written warning. Any further instances of this behaviour could see you removed from our practice list under our zero tolerance policy.

The reception team are very busy answering calls. They have heard the buzzer and will come to you once their call has ended, please be patient.

Reception is closed between 12pm and 2pm. You should only ring the buzzer if you have a booked appointment.

The measures the practice has put in place are in line with the recommended Government guidelines. These measures not only help to keep our staff and patients safe, but also to minimise the self-isolating risk to our staff so we can continue to provide a service for our patients.

We are receiving, on average, around 2000 calls a week, so I would like to remind you about alternatives to phoning reception.

Email the practice

Our main email address is:

Prescription queries:

Registration queries:

For active referral queries:

All emails are dealt with within a 24 hour timeframe, excluding weekends. Please note: we do not book appointments via email and we will not email you to let you know when your prescription is ready, these requests will be ignored.

Online Services

You can access our online services via the NHS App which is available on your smartphone. The NHS App allows you to book appointments, order medication and view your medical records. We also have online appointments become available at 7am every morning. More information about the app can be found here:

We also have an online triage system called DoctorLink. The system allows you to enter your symptoms which could help identify your problem. It will then direct you to the right treatment and allow you to book an appointment online if it has been identified as the most appropriate outcome. Sign up can be found here:

We appreciate your patience with our reception team, they have a very tough job during very challenging times.

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