Doctors & Staff


Dr David Chelliah - MBChB, MRCGP (male) GP Partner
Dr Galya Apostolova - MRCGP, DFSRH, LOC DSI (female) GP Partner
Dr Shirani Ilanthirayan - MRCGP (female) GP Partner
Dr Huma Sheikh - MRCGP (female) Salaried GP
Dr Fernanda Martinez - MRCGP (female) Salaried GP
Dr Bianca Gyenghe  (female) Salaried GP 

Dr Sean Lambert 

Dr Sola Aboyewa 


Medical students sometimes join the practice. They may sit in on surgery consultations, but if you would prefer to see the doctor alone please inform the receptionist and they will be happy to arrange this.


Diane Dalton - RGN Lead Practice Nurse - Diabetic Reviews, Respiratory Reviews, Cervical Screening, Immunisations and Vaccinations, Injections, Travel Vaccines
Juliette Tree

ANP Advanced Nurse Practitioners are qualified to see patients with undifferentiated and undiagnosed medical problems, and to make detailed assessment of their health care needs, based on their combined medical and nursing knowledge, including clinical skills that you may not have traditionally associated with nurses, such as history taking, physical examination, diagnoses, and prescribing of medicines. ANPs can also directly refer patients to clinical specialists, such as hospital consultants.

Special interest in Diabetes, including insulin management and Womens health including contraception, HRT and fertility. 

Beena Augustine RGN

Practice Nurse - Childhood immunisations, injections

Wilma Cabling

Practice Nurse 
Michaela Haswell Healthcare Assistant - Blood Pressure Checks, Phlebotomist, ECG, B12 injections, Flu and pneumonia vaccines, NHS Health Checks
Katrina Simmons Phlebotomist - blood pressure, B12, flu and pneumonia vaccination


Maria Picozzi - HCPC Treatment & triage of acute and urgent patients.


Belmar Mashonga

Physician associates are trained to perform a number of roles, including taking medical histories, performing examinations, diagnosing illnesses, analysing test results and developing management plans for the care of patients.


Damola Akindutire
Olubunmi Awoye


The practice manager is involved in managing all of the business aspects of the practice such as making sure that the right systems are in place to provide a high quality of patient care, human resources, finance, patient safety, premises and equipment and information technology. The practice manager supports the GPs and other medical professionals with delivering patient services and also helps to develop extended services to enhance patient care.

Helen Burgess - Acting Practice Manager
Mark Stephenson - Deputy Practice Manager
Hannah Price 

Senior Members of Staff

Jodie Salih - Senior Administrator

Emma Brooks - Senior Receptionist


Our reception staff are keen to help patients in any way possible. They have a demanding job so please be patient with them.

Julie - Receptionist 

Lucki - Receptionist 

Isabel - Receptionist 

Tracy - Receptionist 

Karen - Receptionist 

Tiegan - Receptionist 

Amy - Receptionist 

Sasha - Receptionist 

Claire - Receptionist 

Please note: we operate under a zero tolerance policy.

Kerry - Medical secretary
Pauline – Registration and online access
Denise - Reports, medicals and non NHS services
Annette - Notes summariser
Donna and Debbie - Scanning and coding
Hollie - Website and Social Media, General Administration 

All information given to all staff is treated with strict confidentiality.

The practice operates as a non-limited partnership.

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